Family Conversation Kit:

Gender, Sexuality, & Marriage

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Talking with your teenager about sex can be awkward, especially when discussing homosexuality and gender identity. That’s why Axis has created our Family Conversation Kit on Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage, to equip you to engage these topics with your teen from a biblical perspective. The digital kit includes a 40-minute, four-part feature presentation with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell, an in-depth discussion guide, and a ‘How To’ video that explains how to make the most of your Family Conversation Kit!

How to use the Conversation Kit:

1. Be Prepared

Before watching the videos, spend 5 minutes looking over the summary and outline to familiarize yourself with the content and prepare yourself for questions and comments from your teen.

2. Watch the Videos

Sit down with your son or daughter and watch the videos, either all at once or in four parts.

3. Start the Conversation

Use the discussion guides to talk with your teen about these difficult topics. Each guide uses pop culture and media references, Scripture, and testimonials to help you guide a biblical conversation with your teen around gender identity, sexuality, and marriage.

4. Pray

Spend time both before and after praying that God will reveal His truths about sexuality and human flourishing to you and your family.

Content Summary & Outline

Here is a full summary and outline of the kit’s contents.

Part 1: Gender & Culture

Pop culture and entertainment are shaping our modern views of sexuality and gender.


Part 2: Gender & God’s Design

God has spoken about sexuality and gender identity. His answer comes to us through God’s larger story of a good creation and it’s implications on human sexuality.



Part 3: Gender & Identity

How we answer the question “What does it mean to be human?” directly impacts our view of sexuality and its role in life.



Part 4: Gender & Marriage

Finally, what does marriage have to do with being human, and what exactly constitutes a Christian marriage?



Start the Conversation

Purchase the digital Gender conversation kit today and receive our 4-part presentation and discussion guides to equip you to start a transformative conversation with your teen about the difficult topic of sexual identity, gender confusion, and marriage.

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