Collection 1

1: Gender

Gender Confusion. Sexual Identity.
Is it even possible to have a conversation about gender and sexual identity with the next generation? Is the battle for clear gender definition and marriage already lost? Join us as we compassionately and courageously take back the debate and deliver a compelling case for human dignity and the beauty of God’s design for gender.

Special Guests: John Stonestreet , Sean McDowell, and Juli Slattery

2: Life

Abortion. Adoption. Life.
This session goes beyond the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate, examining how we can compassionately protect the precious lives of the unborn. We can create a culture that champions life and helps protect and cherish some of the most vulnerable members of society: unborn children and their mothers.

Special Guests: Save the Storks and Scott Klusendorf

3: Gossip

Burnbook. Cyber-Bullying. World-of-Mouth.
The way we communicate has drastically changed. Smart phones and social media apps have created so many new, easy, “guilt-free” ways to hurt and slander others. What does the Bible say about bullying and gossip? How can we use 21st-century communication in a way that builds up the body of Christ?

Special Guest: Darrell Scott

4: Evangelism

Awkward? Preachy? Door-to-Door?
How can we share our faith in a world where “tolerance” is the ultimate virtue? If King Solomon were alive today, what advice would he give us? In this session, we dig deep into the book of Ecclesiastes and find that the ancient audience it was written for is not that different from modern-day readers.

Special Guest: Lee Strobel

Collection 2

1: Bible

“What is the Bible?” is a question we get asked more than any other. So, how did we get the Bible, what is it, and what should we do with it? We know it is the best-selling book every year worldwide but can we trust it? Join us as we rediscover God’s story for the world and as we understand why we can trust God’s word.

2: Pornography

It’s free, it’s everywhere, it’s anonymous and it is rewiring the brains of an entire generation. Let’s us promise you this, we are going to treat this topic tastefully and appropriately. And we are going to show your students the monster that it really is on a comprehensive level. It destroys the actresses lives, it deeply hinders the intimacy of the viewers, and it fuels the sex trafficking industry. Sex is a sacred gift from God to be enjoyed in a marriage relationship. It is not a commodity to be bought and sold.

3: Leadership

Leadership is a buzz word … but what does it mean to be truly influential? And what are the Biblical principals for leadership? Students live in an world where their opportunities for influence are amazingly diverse. Social media, digital publishing, emerging technologies, and the start-up entrepreneurial culture have changed the face of vocation and leadership. No longer are celebrities just athletes and actors … start-up business leaders are shaping our cultural imagination. When God put Adam and Eve in the garden he commanded them to “cultivate it and protect it.” Join us as we discover what that looks like in 2016.

4: Prayer

My pastor tells me to pray. My parents tell me to pray. My teachers tell me to pray. My Bible tells me to pray. But what is prayer, why should I do it, and what difference does it make? Are my words just bouncing off the ceiling? Join Axis as we look at the practice of prayer and how it changes us and draws us closer to the heart of God.

Collection 3

1: Relationships

Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Dating.
Do I really need a best friend when my Snapscore is so high and I have tons of followers on Instagram? Is it possible to make a real romantic connection via the Internet? And why should I talk to someone face to face when I can just text? On one level, these are questions students ponder. But on a deeper level, there’s a longing for more, for the deep, dynamic, rich relationship for which God created us. Yet in this era of technology and “followers,” teens don’t know where to look for nor how to cultivate such relationships. This presentation is about rediscovering the deep need we all have to know and be known and to experience the kind of authentic intimacy for which we were created.

Special Guests: Restoration Project

2: Suicide

Depression. Suicide. Sadness.
The number of teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and actions has doubled over the last decade. Now, with shows like 13 Reasons Why, the suicidal teenager has taken center stage in our culture. In this presentation, we will use the lens of the Gospel—which offers life, hope, and compassion for eternity and for the here and now—to carefully explore the topics of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and to examine the relational, natural, and spiritual forces that contribute to these heartbreaking problems.

Special Guests: Dr. Mark Mayfield, Sam and Blaine Eldredge, Jerusha Clark

3: Identity

Identity. Purpose. Calling.
Who am I, and what does God want me to do with my life? What does it mean to be human? To be a man? To be a woman? What does it mean to be God’s son or daughter? The need for affirmation of identity has never been greater. In a world plagued by FOMO, where so many life options can make us feel paralyzed and unable to choose, we struggle to figure out how we should live because we forget who we are. This presentation will explore the core questions of identity and purpose, especially as they relate to teens who are about to graduate high school.

Special Guest: Coming Soon

4: Drugs

Weed. Alcohol. The Medicine Cabinet.
The cartel has been replaced by the medicine cabinet; marijuana is being legalized; and many teens believe God has nothing to say about any of it. But just because something is permissible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, and just because something is acceptable in one context doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in every context. As our culture continues to normalize recreational drug use, this presentation will apply the overarching Biblical narrative to gain wisdom about the topic of mind-altering substances.

Special Guests: Coming Soon

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