Come Together: A Family Discipleship Event
Parents and families are an integral part of the discipleship process and building faith in the next generation. 

Are you looking to engage and invite the families in your church to “come together”?

Facilitate a Come Together event for families to intentionally learn and grow.

Watch the video to learn more about this amazing resource. 
What is the Come Together Event?
- You are the host. 
- Purchase the license to all of the teaching and outline of the event. 
- Invite the families in your church to attend
- Follow the Leader's Guide and have a successful event with out much effort
- Families are all learning and laughing together
- Create space for intentional and fun memories to be made 
- Go all in with the photo booth idea and get crazy family pictures
- Discussion times built into each session for families to answer questions
- Family Confession Time included in session 5 to heal and provide hope to families 
- Family Action Plan included in session 6 to create a game plan for each family
How Does It Work?
Preview Session 1, Jesus' First Words
Play 6 Different Sessions
You get:
  •  6 Videos (about 2.5 hours of content)
  • Family Workbooks for each family 
  •  A Leader's Guide to help you make the most of this event
You Contribute: 
  • Space and Time
  •  Gather your families - everyone should be there: kids, parents, grandparents, etc.
  • Lunch, Tables, Pens
1: Jesus' First Words - Dives into why kids need their parents, why parents need their kids, and family legacy. 
2: Alone Together - Learn how social media, TV, movies, and video games shape us as individuals and as families. 
3: Sex, Drugs, College & Jesus - Learn how pop culture can shape our values, and how its vision contrasts with Jesus' vision.
4: How to Read the Bible Like the Devil - See all the ways we tend to misread scripture, and how to properly apply it to our lives. 
5: Hope for Families - Where our hope comes from, how to repair and redeem our family relationships. Time of Confession included.
6: Jesus' Last Words - The ultimate hope of Christianity, and how that hope informs the way we live as families. Family Action Plan included.

How To Make It A Successful Event?
Recommended Setup
Watch the Leader's Guide video for all the vital setup details: 
Event Tips
We want this to be as easy as possible but here are a few friendly tips to run a successful, smooth Come Together event: 
  • The best spot to hold the event is in your main space - sanctuary, chapel, multipurpose room, etc. 
  •  Seat Families at tables. It's good to have a space everyone can put their heads together and leave the room if they need privacy for their conversations/confession time. 
  • Don't forget the Awkward Family Photo booth! Make this as accessible as possible during lunch. Have a volunteer engage everyone by taking their pictures for them. Get a copy of everyone's picture for a little fun later. What you do with those is up to you but we recommend a funny slideshow to reveal them at the end of the day!
Remember, this is an "Event"
In lieu of bringing an Axis team to your church to speak for the day ($4,000) you can get these recordings, schedule the day, invite your families, (sell tickets if you want), and create your own event for only $1000!

The six sessions are planned for you, each about 35 minutes with discussion times, lunch break, and space at the end of the day for each family to create its own plan for how they will behave "as a family." 

Throughout the day, they will go from hearing the theory and Biblical reason for families, dive into the suffering of the world, see how it has affected their lives and relationships, and then understand the restoration promised through Christ. 

Finally, they will put pen to paper and decide how they will respond to the world individually and as a unit concerning everything from technology use to daily habits and the openness of the home. 

Everyone has a voice in this.

Purchase now and receive everything you need to hold a successful event with your families!  
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