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Axis Conversation Kits focus on the big questions that difficult topics bring including Suicide, Pornography, Gender, Drugs, Relationships, and more. The videos and PDF guides included are designed to help you understand these topics, provide you with resources, and to bring your teens into the conversations in a warm, approachable way.

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Conversation Kits give online access to Axis’ freshest, most polished worldview content. They are designed to equip you to have transformative conversations with your students around timely topics. Our interactive virtual presentations, accessed via the Internet, speak the language of teens and utilize the mediums students love to address tough topics and get them thinking about what truly matters.


What is a Conversation Kit?

Each Kit focus on 1 topic and includes 3+ resources:

Feature Presentation

Each topic includes a 35-minute* theologically sound and dynamic Axis-style presentation designed to equip you to start transformative conversations with your pre-teen and teenage students. These videos are designed to be used in chapel, classroom, youth group, small group, and family settings (living room, meals, car rides, etc.).

*Broken into four 8-10 minute videos.

An Expert Interview

Each topic includes an expert interview about 30 minutes long with a leading voice on the respective topic.

Whiteboard Training

Each topic also includes a detailed walk-through tutorial for teachers/parents. We know you may not have time to research these topics, but we do, and we are here as your cultural and theological content guides to serve you as you disciple your students through these difficult conversations.

For Schools, Churches, & Families

Each presentation and the corresponding supplemental material can be used in many settings. We designed them with schools, churches, and families in mind, making them flexible, easy to use, and applicable in a variety of settings.

Content Release Schedule

Why don’t we release all the content at once? Simple: Like your students, we believe it is important to keep our content as fresh and relevant as possible. Songs become old. Slang evolves. Major current events change the questions we ask of ourselves and God. We release our content one piece at a time to ensure that we cover the topics that matter to students when they matter.

Collection 1

Collection 1 is available in its entirety and includes:

Collection 2

Collection 2 is available in its entirety and includes:

Collection 3

Collection 3 is currently under production. It will be released on a rolling basis throughout the 2017/2018 season. Keep checking back for the newest material released the first of every month!

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