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Conversation Kits help you show teens how faith is relevant to every aspect of their lives. This is our freshest worldview content, streamed directly to your school, church, or living room.

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Conversation Kits speak the language of teens and utilize the mediums students love to get them thinking about what truly matters. Topics include Relationships, Depression, Gossip, Pornography, Prayer, and our newest conversation kit, Drugs.


Feature Presentation

Each topic includes a 40-minute* theologically sound and dynamic Axis-style presentation designed to equip you to start transformative conversations with your pre-teen and teenage students. These videos are designed to be used in chapel, classroom, youth group, small group, and family settings (living room, meals, car rides, etc.).

*Broken into four 8-12 minute videos.

Expert Interviews

Each topic includes 40 minutes of interviews with experts who have personal experience with the subject.

Whiteboard Session

Each topic also includes a detailed walk-through tutorial for teachers/parents. We know you may not have time to research these topics, but we do, and we are here as your cultural and theological content guides to serve you as you disciple your students through these difficult conversations.

For Schools, Churches, & Families

Each presentation and the corresponding supplemental material can be used in many settings. We designed them with schools, churches, and families in mind, making them flexible, easy to use, and applicable in a variety of settings.

Collection 3


Do I really need a best friend when my Snapscore is so high and I have tons of followers on Instagram? Is it possible to make a real romantic connection via the Internet? And why should I talk to someone face to face when I can just text? On one level, these are questions students ponder. But on a deeper level, there’s a longing for more, for the deep, dynamic, rich relationship for which God created us. Yet in this era of technology and “followers,” teens don’t know where to look for nor how to cultivate such relationships. This presentation is about rediscovering the deep need we all have to know and be known and to experience the kind of authentic intimacy for which we were created.

Featuring: Restoration Project


The number of teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and actions has doubled over the last decade. Now, with shows like 13 Reasons Why, the suicidal teenager has taken center stage in our culture. In this presentation, we will use the lens of the Gospel—which offers life, hope, and compassion for eternity and for the here and now—to carefully explore the topics of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and to examine the relational, natural, and spiritual forces that contribute to these heartbreaking problems.

Featuring: Dr. Mark Mayfield, Sam and Blaine Eldredge, and Jerusha Clark


The cartel has been replaced by the medicine cabinet; marijuana is being legalized; and many teens believe God has nothing to say about any of it. But just because something is permissible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, and just because something is acceptable in one context doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in every context. As our culture continues to normalize recreational drug use, this presentation will apply the overarching Biblical narrative to gain wisdom about the topic of mind-altering substances.

Featuring: Kaley Chiles, Alex Lerza, and Jonathan Pettigrew


Who am I, and what does God want me to do with my life? What does it mean to be human? To be a man? To be a woman? What does it mean to be God’s son or daughter? The need for affirmation of identity has never been greater. In a world plagued by FOMO, where so many life options can make us feel paralyzed and unable to choose, we struggle to figure out how we should live because we forget who we are. This presentation will explore the core questions of identity and purpose, especially as they relate to teens who are about to graduate high school.

Featuring: Coming Soon

Collection 2


Every year the Bible is the bestselling book in the world. Most American families own at least four Bibles. But how many of us actually know the Bible? Not just what it says, but how it made its way onto our coffee tables and nightstands. Do we know if our translation accurately represents the Word of God? Is the Bible trustworthy? And if it is, are we reading it and using it in a way that is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness?

Featuring: Glenn Paauw and Dr. Miriam Perkins


With the availability of smartphones and the internet, pornography is easy to access and its free. Men and women by the thousands are becoming enslaved to the addictive properties of pornography every day. Pornography is heartbreaking because it takes something that is a beautiful part of God’s creation and perverts it. This perversion does damage to the viewers brain, gets in the way of healthy, intimate relationships, and fuels the sex slave trade. The question is, once you’ve started, how do you stop?

Featuring: Alex Lerza and Daniel Weiss and Dr. Juli Slattery


Leadership is something that everyone does or experiences every single day. Christians all over the United States will tell you that as Christians we are called to be leaders. Many churches even lead seminars on what it means to be a Godly leader. And for students, in a world with faster and more constant streams of communication it is easier to lead than ever before. It should lead students to consider, how can I keep God’s mandate to cultivate and protect the Earth and the people in it today?

Featuring: Jon Hart and Melody Murray and John Mark


Constant conversation is something that is possible now with things like social media and smartphones, something that God has done with humanity since the dawn of creation. And though Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing, that is something we rarely do. Many of us agree that we would like to pray more. But how do we actually do that? And how do I know that my prayers aren’t just words disappearing into thin air? How should we use the gift of prayer?

Featuring: Joe Couch and Dr. Amy Agape and Dr. Julie Canlis

Collection 1


Facebook recently had more than fifty different gender options for their app users. The world is becoming more confused as to what gender is and what impact it should have on humanity. Students are often especially confused as culture tells them one thing, and the church tells them another. What is the vision God has for gender, marriage, and human sexuality? How can we courageously and compassionately point to Truth in the midst of a turbulent culture?

Featuring: John Stonestreet, Sean McDowell, and Juli Slattery


God cares intimately for each life that exists. But it doesn’t stop there. God desires for believers to fight for life as well. This does not just apply to the lives within our spheres of influence, but to every life. Culture tends to emphasize the life of the mother over the life of the infant, and the church often responds by emphasizing the life of the infant over the life of the mother. How can we create a culture which will champion the lives of both the mother and the unborn in this controversial yet important topic?

Featuring: Save the Storks and Scott Klusendorf


The way we communicate has drastically changed. Smart phones and social media apps have created so many new, easy, “guilt-free” ways to hurt and slander others. What does the Bible say about bullying and gossip? How can we use 21st-century communication in a way that builds up the body of Christ?

Special Guest: Darrell Scott


How can we share our faith in a world where “tolerance” is the ultimate virtue? If King Solomon were alive today, what advice would he give us? In this session, we dig deep into the book of Ecclesiastes and find that the ancient audience it was written for is not that different from modern-day readers.

Special Guest: Lee Strobel

Virtual Content Platform

Today’s students are post-literate and have extremely short attention spans. Because the screens in their pockets are winning the battle for their attention, it can be hard to disciple them into lifelong faith in Jesus. Our interactive virtual presentations, accessed via the Internet, speak students’ language and utilize the medium students love to address tough topics and get students thinking about what truly matters.

More Than a Presentation

Conversation Kits are not just a single presentation, chapel, sermon, or conversation. For every topic, in addition to a presentation, you will also receive expert interviews and teachings, plus additional resources, in order to have on-going conversations about some of today’s most relevant issues.

Highly Relevant and Timely

We understand that it’s hard to stay up to date with what matters to students, let alone know how to biblically and lovingly disciple them in today’s world. Songs become old. Slang evolves. Major current events change the questions we ask of ourselves and God. In order for each topic to contain the freshest culture translation possible, we release it on a monthly basis. Instead of all at once. This is also why you’ll receive a subscription to Axis’ weekly premium newsletter, The Culture Translator Premium.

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If you’re unsure if Conversation Kits are right for you and your students, no worries. For 15 days, preview the content yourself or even try out a presentation or two with your best set of teens in the living room, chapel, or small group. If it’s not for you, we don’t have your card and cannot charge you. It’s all yours for 15 days for $0.00.

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